Sister Organisations

The following are fantastic campaigns, feminist initiatives, collectives, record labels and other women in music directories we support primarily aimed at promoting women in music in the UK and beyond (each image links).

And as we are an intersectional organisation we have added in a few friends campaigning for disability, LGBTQI+ & ethnic diversity in music too! If you know of any more you think we should feature, please do let us know, send us a link and a logo 🙂

Together we are changing the music industry!

Women in music campaigns, career support, equality initiatives and collectives

Women in music technology, EDM labels and DJ collectives

Intiatives and labels for women in classical music

Initiatives for women in folk, grime, jazz, pop and rock

Ethnic diversity in music​

LGBTQI+ campaigns, labels and collectives

Other dimensions of diversity including age, socio-economic and parenting​

Safety and prevention of bullying/harassment​

Disability and mental health organisations and projects​ in music