Playing festivals presents a myriad of advantages for musicians and bands, encompassing exposure to expansive audiences, invaluable networking prospects with industry insiders and fellow artists, and the potential for extensive media coverage, bolstering visibility within the industry. Moreover, festival performances serve as platforms for professional development, enabling artists to refine their live skills and participate in artist development programs. Financial rewards, touring opportunities, heightened fan engagement, and the personal fulfillment of sharing music on a grand stage further underscore the benefits of festival appearances, making them pivotal milestones in an artist’s career trajectory. So how do you start to play festivals? 

With thanks to – Alex Ampofo

Drawing from expert advice and insights, these actionable steps are tailored to empower women and gender diverse musicians like you to navigate the competitive festival circuit with confidence. Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, these tips cover everything from perfecting your pitch to networking effectively and showcasing your unique talent on stage. Amplify your presence in music and make waves on the festival circuit!

Two top websites which we highly recommend checking out and that give extensive lists of links for applications to apply to current music festivals are….



We also recommend reviewing the membership list of the Association of Independent Festivals, with over 100 members there will be a member festival in your genre of music or local area…. https://www.aiforg.com/

We also recommend considering playing at festivals which have embraced sustainable practices. A Greener Future are leaders in this important area and you can also search out on festival websites for their sustainability policies to see what their values and practices are.