Why is it important to engage with your fans and how do you do so? Understanding who your fans are is a cornerstone for success in your music career. According to Secret Sessions, truly knowing your audience allows you to create deeper connections, which are essential for building a loyal fanbase. It is important to engage with your audience from the outset, and directly asking fans about their preferences can help you create music that resonates more effectively with them, without compromising on your creative vision. This approach not only makes fans feel valued but also provides musicians with valuable insights that can guide your creative and promotional efforts. By understanding and engaging with your fans in this manner you can foster a sense of community and belonging, which is crucial for sustaining a long-term career.

So how best to do this? Obviously there are the myriad social media platforms, which we have explored in Digital, but we also highly recommend developing your own email mailing list and we have highlighted four below, click on the logos to go through to their websites. At The F-List we use The Newsletter Plugin as we are built through WordPress.

With thanks to – Harriet JW of Secret Sessions, Background Music: Rachel K Collier