Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Software for recording, editing, and producing audio files. Popular options include Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and GarageBand.  Click on the buttons below to go through to their websites.


Renowned for its versatility and intuitive interface, Ableton Live is favoured by electronic music producers and live performers. Its real-time editing capabilities and extensive library of sounds and effects make it ideal for creating and manipulating music on the fly.

Logic Pro

Apple's professional-grade DAW, Logic Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for recording, editing, and mixing music. Its powerful features, such as advanced MIDI editing and a vast collection of virtual instruments, cater to both beginners and experienced producers.

Garage Band

A user-friendly DAW perfect for beginners, GarageBand comes pre-installed on Mac devices. It provides a straightforward interface and essential recording tools, making it easy for novice musicians to start creating music without a steep learning curve.