Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Software for recording, editing, and producing audio files. Popular options include Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and GarageBand.  Click on the buttons below to go through to their websites.

Ableton Live: Renowned for its versatility and intuitive interface, Ableton Live is favoured by electronic music producers and live performers. Its real-time editing capabilities and extensive library of sounds and effects make it ideal for creating and manipulating music on the fly.

Logic Pro: Apple’s professional-grade DAW, Logic Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for recording, editing, and mixing music. Its powerful features, such as advanced MIDI editing and a vast collection of virtual instruments, cater to both beginners and experienced producers.

GarageBand: A user-friendly DAW perfect for beginners, GarageBand comes pre-installed on Mac devices. It provides a straightforward interface and essential recording tools, making it easy for novice musicians to start creating music without a steep learning curve.