A Culture of Belonging

The Culture of Belonging weekend exceeded my expectations. I’ve really struggled with production in the past, but by the end I left the studio feeling confident and empowered as a female musician, and genuinely excited about music production - a combination of things I never thought I’d feel.
Francesca Knowles
This opportunity from the F-List, has so far been an invaluable resource for finding work as a woman in the UK music industry - I have gained both new session work and new collaborators through this database (by searching and being found).
Anna Anise
Culture of Belonging was the most motivating and artist-affirming learning I've done since leaving uni. Thank you!
Étáin Saoirse
Thank you for such a wonderful experience - it truly was such a career-changing weekend.

Our flagship program, A Culture of Belonging, has given 28 women and gender diverse musicians the studio experience of a lifetime in its first two years. 

The innovative two-day course at Miloco Studios’ Battery Studio 2 in north-west London has been designed to help musicians navigate their way around a world-class professional recording studio and foster a ‘culture of belonging’ in the space. Featuring an entirely female team, this opportunity has given artists greater knowledge of a professional studio set up and confidence in articulating ideas and opinions on production to help them retain creative control over their music. It has been a comfortable and safe space, giving artists a sense of community.

The two-day courses, running on select weekends through 2022 and 2023, were initially led by Dr Isobel Anderson and Dr Catherine Anne Davies. Going forward into 2023 we are delighted to welcome Anjali Perin as the co-lead producer alongside Dr Catherine Anne Davies.  They have been supported by Eve Horne, Producer and Founder of PeakMusicUK.

Dr Catherine Anne Davies performs as The Anchoress, and is a criticlly accliamed multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Anjali Perin performs as Pokkisham, and is a British Sri Lankan singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer specialising in jazz, funk and soul.  They are both incredibly experienced producers and lecturers in songwriting and production.

A Culture of Belonging is generously funded by Miloco Studios and Help Musicians. 

Miloco Studios has one of the largest directory of quality recording studios in the world, with more than 170 on its roster worldwide. As a 360-degree company it also offers other services including; Miloco Builds which comprises studio builds, design and installs; Miloco Gear which incorporates brand new and second-hand audio gear sales, brokerage and financing; Drumdrops our drum sample library experts; and Miloco Management – home to their award-winning producers, mixers and engineers.

Help Musicians is a charity that loves music and has been supporting musicians for over 100 years. It provides financial support to help musicians create, release, learn and develop 365 days a year. The charity also provides vital health and wellbeing services, such as its 24/7 mental health support line Music Minds Matter.