Splits refers to how much you will be paid in a band or collaboration situation. Literally how you are going to split the royalties and is really a shorthand to copyright authorship – so a question on who has created the work, and to what extent (in other words percentages). More broadly, splits might also refer to situations, where people “co-write” in a temporary collaboration, not necessarily a band, or a more permanent collaboration.

Creating music and ensuring you are rightly credited can sometimes be tricky but agreeing on royalty splits in a band is a critical aspect of ensuring fair compensation and maintaining harmony. The process can be delicate, given the various contributions from each members but it’s crucial to discuss and agree on these roles early on to avoid conflicts later. Check the carousel below for best practice advice.

For more detailed guidance, check out resources from Ari’s Take and Amuse. There are also numerous apps and platforms out there which can help do the splits administration for you, giving you a helpful framework to ensure you get things right, check out the links below.

By following these steps you can establish a fair and transparent system for splitting royalties, promoting long-term collaboration and success.

Streamline provides tools to document and agree on contributions, ensuring that all parties receive proper credit and compensation. This feature helps musicians and artists clearly define and manage their royalty splits, promoting transparency and fairness in collaborative projects. It also provides tools for project management, communication, and file sharing, helping users streamline their workflows from conception to completion.

Song Splits provides a platform for songwriters, producers, and artists to manage and document their share of song ownership. The service offers tools to:

  1. Track Contributions: Users can log and verify their contributions to a song.
  2. Automate Splits: The platform helps automate the calculation and agreement of royalty splits.
  3. Legal Documentation: It provides legally binding agreements to formalize the splits among collaborators.
  4. Transparent Collaboration: Ensures transparency and clarity in royalty distribution, minimising disputes.

UnitedMasters’ Split Pay is a feature that allows artists to automatically split streaming royalties with their collaborators, such as producers, managers, and influencers. This tool ensures transparent and accurate payment distributions based on pre-set percentages. It simplifies financial management for independent artists, allowing them to focus on creating music while UnitedMasters handles the revenue distribution.