EPK & Listing

Creating a Great F-List Listing

  1. Accurate and Detailed Information: Ensure your profile includes up-to-date and comprehensive information about your music, including genre, instruments, and notable achievements.

  2. High-Quality Media: Upload professional photos and audio/video clips that showcase your talent effectively.

  3. Compelling Bio: Write a clear and engaging biography that highlights your musical journey, influences, and unique qualities.

  4. Contact Details: Provide easy ways for potential collaborators and bookers to reach you.

  5. Regular Updates: Keep your profile current with new releases, upcoming gigs, and recent accomplishments.

With thanks to – Vick Bain, Dr Metka Potocnik

An artist also needs an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) as a professional and comprehensive tool to promote themselves effectively to media, promoters, and industry professionals. An EPK provides a centralised and easily accessible collection of essential information, such as biography, music samples, high-quality images, press coverage, performance history, and contact details. This helps streamline the process of booking gigs, securing media coverage, and attracting potential collaborators, ensuring that you present a cohesive and polished image to the industry and their audience.

Follow these six steps to create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). By combining these elements into a well-organised EPK, you can instantly present a professional and comprehensive overview of your music career to promoters, media, and potential collaborators.