What should you be thinking of before networking online? Start off by searching for your current online profile and thinking about the impression you give. Be aware in the online world the boundary between your personal life and professional often overlaps. Make sure you are giving a professional image that reflects your musical connections and persona. Then look for your music tribe across various platforms. There are many music communities on Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn but all have a different function.

By following these five top tips, you can navigate online networking with confidence, building valuable connections and fostering a supportive community around your musical interests and goals:

There is a great link between online platforms to the real, physical world. These platforms offer a wide variety of events, meetups, and communities tailored to diverse musical genres and interests.

Start by browsing through events related to your musical niche or interests on Eventbrite and Skiddle.

Similarly, Meetup groups dedicated to specific music genres, instruments, or even songwriting provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

Facebook groups focused on music production, performance, or local music scenes can serve as virtual hubs for networking and community-building.