Where To Network

Where can you find people in the music industry? Most people can find good networks informally through people they meet at….

  • college or university
  • music gigs and festivals

But there are many more organisations you may not have heard of where you can go to meet people in music who may very well turn out to be your tribe. There are various avenues for networking in music, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for growth. Trade shows and conferences provide platforms for industry insiders to exchange ideas and discover the latest trends and technologies. Joining membership organisations and participating in music charity events not only foster connections but can also contribute to meaningful causes within the community. The organisations below are not a comprehensive list by any means but may give you some useful ideas to check out.

And also, fantastic music marketing executive Karma Betelsen has created numerous helpful resources, one of them is a 2024 calendar of global music industry conferences and events that you may be interested in attending KarmaBetelsenConferenceGuide 

Trade Organisations and Collecting Societies

All of these organisations regularly organise events sometimes even specific networking events.

Music Charities

Charities often focus on one particular demographic (such as neurodiversity or age) or are location based but all run programs and events which you may be able to access and benefit from if you fit the criteria.

Music Conferences

There are conferences all over the UK, Europe and beyond specialising in various genres of music or particular sectors. They all have full programs of live music and exhibitions and are fantastic opportunities to network.

Music Trade Shows

If you play an instrument or are into music tech these trade shows offer full programs where you are guaranteed to be amongst like-minded enthusiasts.

Diversity in Music Academic Conferences

If you are interested in diversity research these conferences are a must-attend.