The F-List Social Media Ambassadors

50 F-List Ambassadors fly the flag for The F-List and support its work in many ways including on social media, writing blogs and creating amazing playlists.
We are incredibly thrilled to have their support!

(click on their photos to go to their LinkedIn/F-List profiles and read more about them)

Abigail Rooley-Towle: Musician & Songwriter
Alex Ampofo: Live Music Promoter
Alexia Barbera: Bass player
Amber Bain: Music Digital Marketing Executive
Amie McBye: Musician (Drummer)
Andy Quin: Media Composer
Anna Neale: Musician & Songwriter
Annalie Wilson (Luna Bec): Musician
Ayse Hassan: Musician (Bass Guitar in Savages)
Bernadette Morris: Musician
Camille Maalawy: Classical Musician
Dr Catherine Anne Davies: Musician & Producer
Cerian: Multi-intrumantalist Musician
Chloe Knibbs: Composer & Sound Artist
Cilla Raie: Musician
Daisy Chute: Musician & Songwriter
Deborah Stinton: Musical Theatre Educator
Emily Saunder: Jazz Musician & Composer
Emma Arden (Ela Nedra): Musician & Songwriter
Emma McGann: Musician
Evie Asio: Musician
Hannah Horton: Musician
Harriet JW: Artist Development
Hayley Clarke: Radio Producer
Helen Rowell: Drummer & Academic
Dr Isobel Anderson: Musician & Producer
Jasmine Rodgers: Musician & Songwriter
Jennifer Pugh (Astraluna): Musician
Kate Bond: Music Eduacation Exec & Events
Dr Laura Hamer: Musicologist
Lottie Field: Studio Manager
Louise Dodds: Jazz Musician
Lydia Nicolaides (Rose Red): Musician
Martha Richler: Radio DJ
Michael J McEvoy: Composer
MIRI: Musician & Songwriter
Naomi Wallace Asher: Senior Music Publishing Exec
Olivia Sparkhall: Composer & Music Publisher
Rejoice Abudar: Musician & Law Graduate
Sarah Dacey: Musician and Composer
Sarah Dacey: Musician and Composer
SK Shlomo
SK Shlomo: World Record Breaking Beat Boxer
So Sha: Musician and DJ
Dr Sue Oreszczyn: Academic & Fresh on the Net team
Dr Sue Oreszczyn: Academic & Fresh on the Net team
Sunny SJ Winter: Neighbouring Rights Exec
Tina Hart: Music Journalist
Trish Brown: Arts & Operations Management
Trish Complete: DJ & Producer
Dr Veronica Skrimsjo: Popular Music Researcher
Victoria Horn: Grammy Award Winning Songwriter
Xenia Horne: Musician, Creative Practitioner

If you would also like to get involved and help support female and gender diverse musicians please drop us a line.  Men are also welcome to support our cause!