The F-List Social Media Ambassadors

The F-List Ambassadors fly the flag for The F-List and support its work on social media, write blogs and create amazing playlists.
We are incredibly thrilled to have their support!

(click on their photos to go to their LinkedIn/F-List profiles and read more about them)

Abigail Rooley-Towle
Alicia Bauer
Alex Ampofo
Amber Bain
Amie McBye
Amy Pearce
Amy Pearce
Andy Quin
Angie Bhandal
Anna Neale
Astraluna (Jennifer Pugh)
Ayse Hassan
Bernadette Morris
Camille Maalawy
Dr Catherine Anne Davies
Charlotte Be (Brimner)
Charlotte Campbell
Chloe Knibbs
Cilla Raie
Deborah Stinton
Ela Nedra (Emma Arden)
Ella Bee
Emma McGann
Gabriella Di Laccio
Hayley Clarke
Dr Isobel Anderson
Jasmine Rodgers
Kate Bond
Katherine Rees
Khushboo Malhotra
Kristina Avila
Dr Laura Hamer
Lisa Connolly
Lottie Field
Lucy Hollingworth
Luna Bec (Annalie Wilson)
Malvika Padin
Martha Richler
Michael J McEvoy
Nataliya Nikolova
Naomi Wallace Asher
Dr Olivia Gable
Dr Olivia Gable
Olivia Sparkhall
Rejoice Abudar
Rookes (Jen Bulcraig)
Rose Goodship
Rose Red (Lydia Nicolaides)
Sarah Dacey
Sarah Dacey
Dr Sue Oreszczyn
Dr Sue Oreszczyn
Sunny SJ Winter
Trish Brown
Trish Complete
Dr Veronica Skrimsjo
Xenia Horne

If you would also like to get involved and help support female and gender diverse musicians please drop us a line.  Men are also welcome to support our cause!