Dignity in Music

Bullying, discrimination and harassment are sadly too prevelent in the music industry. Of course we know negative behaviours happen across all sectors but there appear to be certain conditions that make working in music unique, these factors include (referencing research by Hennekam and Bennett, 2017):

  • the culture of the music industry
  • the extreme power imbalances between musicians just starting out and gatekeepers
  • the informality of social networks, who you know
  • the extreme competition amongst musicians

This can result in musicians being taken advantage of and abused.

If you are experiencing bullying, discrimination or harassment you can get good confidential advice, crucial resources and support, from a variety of organisations ensuring that women and gender diverse musicians have access to the help and address any incidents of harassment, assault, or stalking. We recommend the organisations below:

ISM (provides legal advice and support to musicians, including resources on dealing with harassment, discrimination, and abuse).
Suzy Lamplugh Trust (promoting personal safety and reducing the risk of violence and aggression through education, training, and support).
Rape Crisis (offers specialist support and services for survivors of sexual violence, including those within the music industry).
MU (provides comprehensive support to musicians, including legal advice and resources on dealing with harassment and discrimination).
SGFW (focuses on creating safer environments at live music events, providing advice and support for those who experience harassment or assault).
GALOP (provides support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ individuals facing abuse, violence, and discrimination, including hate crime, domestic abuse, and sexual violence).
Girls Against (Standing up against sexual assault & misogyny in the UK live music scene).
Women's Aid (works to end domestic abuse against women and children by providing support services, advocacy, and resources for victims, as well as campaigning for legal and policy changes).
ACAS (provides free and impartial advice and offering services such as mediation, conciliation, and arbitration to resolve workplace disputes).


It is our position at The F-List that no one should be forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (known as NDAs) which cover inappropriate behaviour including sexual harassment and discrimination. We firmly believe NDAs are unethical in these situations and are campaigning to have them overturned in these circumstances, supporting the fantastic work of Can’t Buy My Silence founded by Zelda Perkins.

They are increasingly being banned in other countries such as the US and Canada and as of last year here in the UK for everyone working in Higher Education under the new 2023 Free Speech Act they are now null and void!

The prevalence of misogyny and abuse in the UK music industry has been highlighted by the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into Misogyny in Music, which revealed widespread instances of discrimination, harassment, and exploitation faced by women in the sector. The inquiry underscores systemic issues and a culture of silence, that perpetuate gender-based mistreatment. Their findings call for urgent reforms to create a safer and more equitable environment for all individuals working within the music industry.

Here at The F-List we submitted two written reports and were called to give oral evidence in parliament. We are here to give a voice to women and gender diverse musicians who fear being able to speak out. You can read our submissions here https://thef-listmusic.uk/what-we-say/government-submissions/

Dignity at Work

Report by the ISM addressing ongoing issues of bullying, harassment, and discrimination within the music industry, advocating for systemic changes to ensure a safer and more respectful working environment for all musicians.

Misogyny in Music

This report by the Women and Equalities Committee examines the pervasive issues of gender discrimination, harassment, and abuse within the UK music industry, advocating for substantial reforms to foster a safer and more equitable environment for women.

Black Lives in Music & Attitude is Everything

This report highlights the experiences and challenges faced by Black disabled musicians in the UK, aiming to address the intersectional barriers and promote inclusivity within the music industry.

Bullying & Harassment in the Music Industry

This report examines the pervasive issues of bullying and harassment within the music industry, highlighting the deeply embedded nature of these behaviors and the urgent need for systemic change to address and eradicate them.