Legal Advice

Membership organisations like the ISM and the MU play a crucial role in empowering musicians, particularly those who may not have the financial means to seek private legal advice early on in their careers. By offering free legal support, these organisations help level the playing field, ensuring that all musicians have access to the information and resources they need to protect their rights, advocate for fair treatment, and pursue their musical careers with confidence. So, whether you’re a freelance musician, a band member, or a solo artist, joining the ISM or the MU can be a smart move.

It should be noted that the MU has criteria as to how much legal advice anyone can be given depending on the assessment of the case and various other factors so do read through their guidelines. The ISM offer unlimited in-house legal advice who can deal with the vast majority of cases but if cases progress to court/tribunals will need to be assessed through their legal insurance service. 

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Here are some top tips about how to find legal advice to help you in your music career:

However you may be at a point in your career where you are ready to secure the services of a specific commercial lawyer, for many musicians this will be the first person they have as part of their team. You can find a list of music industry lawyers in the UK here:

While we are not endorsing them, below are eight top lawfirms you may wish to check out.

Before starting expensive legal proceedings you may wish to consider mediation. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) offer a mediation service which may be a more affordable option. Mediation can be used in most IP disputes. This includes disputes about:

  • trade marks
  • copyright
  • designs
  • patents

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes without going to court, providing an independent view on a dispute. They cannot make a decision for you, but they can help to find a solution that both parties accept.