The F-List "TALKING ABOUT" events.

This is a list of events for women and gender diverse people that we ran over the years of lockdowns in 2021 and 2022. They covered a list of essential career topics such as music education, industry knowledge, toolkits, various technical skills, and other essential information. They aimed to help take barriers down. All were free. All hosted online.

They were all run by amazing volunteers but special acknowledgement goes to Professor Sophie Daniels and Makeila Estelle without whom most of these events would not have happend.

Talking About - Professionalism & Success

0th January 2022 - In this, the first of our The F-List Talking About series of events this year, F List Director Sophie Daniels will lead a session to help uncover how we think of ourselves, our careers in music, and how to reframe the conversation to help us move forward positively into the new year

Talking About - Unconcious Bias

26th January 2022 - We are proud to announce a special workshop with Carrie White. Carrie is a highly experienced and qualified Coach, Trainer and HR Professional, having held senior roles working at International companies in the banking industry.

F-List Networking Evening

7th February 2022 - Meet The F List Music Directors - Online Networking Evening

Talking About - GigRealm

17th February 2022 - Co-Founders Tom & Reuben are excited to take F-List members through the GigRealm platform and show them how they can gain access to guaranteed paid gigs.

Talking About - Feed Marketing

14th March 2022 - Joshua Jacobson, co-founder of Feed, will be giving a workshop on how to grow streams using Facebook & Instagram ads.

Talking About - Your Values

6th April 2022 - We are going to be joined by Carrie White, coach and leadership facilitator to help you explore this topic in more detail. We will be looking at why we behave the way we do, how this is linked to our beliefs and values system.

Talking About - Help Musicians

4th May 2022 - This online session will guide you through the types of activities for which you can receive financial support from Help Musicians.

Launch of the Research Hub

25th May 2022 - An interactive day discussing women in music and research with The F-List Gender in Music Research Hub and Wolverhampton University School of Performing Arts.

Talking About - Diid

13th June 2022 - DiiD is a revolutionary ad-free platform that allows artists to quickly create and share their own MiniApps to connect with their fans, delivering over 70x the engagement of email.

F-List Networking Evening

June 6th 2022 - Online quarterly networking event.

Talking About - EMT for Performance Anxiety

20th June 2022 - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as it’s also referred to, calms the nervous system and helps to re-route negative brain patterns, with Elandra Health.

Talking About - Beating Performance Anxiety

6th July 2022 - In this lecture Berenice Beverley Zammit will talk about pre-performance routines and how these can be adopted to help beat performance anxiety and optimise performance.

Below were our 2021 program of events

Talking About...Neighbouring Rights with IAFAR

1st March 2021 IAFAR’s mission is to be the focal point for education and advocacy of neighbouring rights and to provide a community for those working in this segment of the music industry.

Talking About...An Exclusive Mindset with Claudia Unger

8th March and 24th April 2021 - Exclusive Mindset Coaching You’re at the top of your game so why do you feel so low? Artist Development Coach Claudia Unger helps you to focus on the most important person in your life: You!

The MU and The F-List present...The Female DIY Musician

15th and 22nd March 2021 - Home Recording Studio training with Dr Isabel Anderson who helps female musicians record and share their music without the confusion or overwhelm so that the world no longer misses out on their amazing creative voice.

The MU and The F-List present...Intersectionality Panels

18th and 25th March 2021 - Two discussion panels looking at the intersections of gender and disability as an artist. The event will explore representation in the music industry from the perspectives of the artists. The disabled musicians panel was: Ruth Patterson, Elena Piras, Ali Hirsz and Kelli Blanchett The women of colour musicians panel was: Bishi, Estee Blu, Cilla Raie and Camille Maalawy

Talking About...Record Ready Vocals

7th April 2021 - With Grammy award winning songwriter Christian Burns Singers, songwriters, and producers: This online course will dramatically elevate your vocal production quality to a professional level with an easy step-by-step guide to producing Record Ready Vocals, whether in a studio or at home.

Talking About...Funding Opportunities

14th April 2021 - With funding expert Jess Partridge. Want to access funding but not sure where to begin or do you simply find applications overwhelming? You're not alone! Join funding expert and F-List board director Jess Partridge for tips and advice on how to tackle funding questions, what funding is available and how to make sure your project is ready for funding.

Narrative Transformation with In The Blood

5th May 2021 - 'In The Blood' is a new Creative Collective and Coaching Company, formed by F List Director, Songwriter and Educator, Sophie Daniels with Narrative Transformation Practitioner, Mo Cohen.

Talking About...Sight Singing with Emer McParland

18th May 2021 - An informative and relaxed workshop focused on sight singing, exploring what it is, where it can be used, and any practical applications of this skill.It’s open to singers and non-singers alike, with no prior knowledge of sight singing needed to attend. Emer's talent and versatility as a vocalist has led her to be involved in an amazing range of music projects both in the UK and abroad.

Talking About...Intellectual Property: Mapping the Maze

24th May 2021 - Are the rules governing intellectual property law in the music industries clear and easy to follow? What are the types of works that get protection, and how is their value commercialised? Who is entitled to copyright protection and what does the owner get? Where is the line between inspiration and imitation? Does it matter?

Talking About...Building Your Brand For Social Media

3rd June 2021 - Building a social media following starts with having a clear brand. Often that means breaking down and re-structuring everything you stand for - your mission, your value, your WHY. In this session Harriet JW will talk you through a clear process for starting to build your brand.

ICMP Female Producers Networking

We partnered with ICMP to create a special evening where we welcomed female professionals in music production to network. The event provided an opportunity for ICMP students to meet with tutors and board directors from The F-List.

Talking About - Onjam

25th November 2022 - Introduction to Onjam and how to put on high quality online performances.