Band Basics

So you want to form a band?  What should you be thinking about when you start working musically together? There is a lot to think about and most of it is not creative or musical but in fact the business element. Yes you should define each band member’s role (usually what instruments each will play), ensure a balance of skills and commitment and agree on the musical direction and style but beyond that you have to secure a regular rehearsal space, ensure all music and technical equipment is maintained, establish legal agreements, develop a social media presence, book gigs and set up a system for managing the finances. We have information on all of these elements throughout the Music Career Toolkit. But what really helps is ensuring that everyone in the band aligns on short-term and long-term goals for the band.

Oh, and then there is the all important task of choosing a unique and memorable name! Or have some fun with 😆

With thanks to – Casper James, Brenda Rattray, Estee Blu, Nadia Buyse, Nina Himmelreich Background Music: Jimena Contreras