One of the most critical factors in building your career in the music industry is building your network of contacts. In other words Finding Your Tribe. The music industry is very different from most other sectors of employment in the UK in that it is mainly constituted by freelancers or micro-businesses. And musicians are most likely to be freelance, or self-employed, than anyone else in music. Did you know that across all creative businesses 85% employ fewer than five people? (CC Skills, 2020) and that 83% of those whose main occupation is as a musician are self-employed (ONS 2012-2021). Even if you have a recording contract or other form of music industry investment you will most likely be self-employed. Therefore finding good, reliable people with whom to work is paramount. 

Your tribe encompasses peers, mentors, collaborators, and industry professionals who share your passion, vision, and work ethic. These relationships serve as pillars of support, offering invaluable guidance, opportunities for collaboration, and emotional sustenance amidst the challenges of pursuing a career in music. Whether it’s through attending industry events, joining online communities, or participating in collaborative projects, actively seeking out and nurturing these connections is key to unlocking doors and propelling your musical journey forward. So where can you go to Find Your Tribe? Click the links below to find out more information.