The F-List offers musicians, groups and music companies a simple way to connect with profile and professional opportunities.  It is elegant, simple and easy to use. 

Please note this is an absolutely free service as we are supported by private donations and charitable funds. We are not a commercial organisation nor do we make money out of these listings in any way.  All musicians listed in the directory have either created their own listing, or show publically available information about a musician like a wiki entry.  

Claim Your Listing

Claiming a Listing is super simple. Is your name, group, one of your artists or music company already in The F-List?  Use the search bar to check to see if you are already listed.  If you are, go to the Listing and press ‘Claim This Listing’.  You will then enter your email and send details proving you are entitled to claim the Listing and gain editing rights over the entry.  What is proof?  This can include your address, social media or a professional link that matches your email.

Once your identity has been verified and approved you will receive an email notifying you of your access to your Listing.  Then you can upload your socials, contact details, music and more!  Please note the music feeds require particular attention to do correctly and full instructions are here

Listing: Music Feed Rules

or Create Your Listing

If your name is not already on The F-List – it only takes a few minutes to create a new Listing.  Go to Create Your Listing on the top of the main menu on the Homepage.

Please choose one of three pre-defined categories – Company, Group or Musician – and you will also have a choice of many instruments and genres you can tick in order that people can find you (you can tick as many as you like of these). There is also a list of all UK counties so event promoters can find musicians local to them. There is also plenty of room for a substantial biography and to add in all relevant information, links, socials,  music videos and one large photo.  Take care with the music feed links, full instructions here.

When you have filled in all of your information you have two choices; save as a Draft, in which case you can come back to it and edit it later or Submit, in which case your listing will go to a manual approval process (as we wish to ensure all information on the website is genuine).  Please give it a day or so to be reviewed and then once it is approved, you should receive a message letting you know your Listing is live.

And welcome to The F-List!