Performance Anxiety

There are three essential elements to a truly captivating performance:

1. Good technique

2. A real knowledge and understanding of your material.

Most performers know 1 & 2. Number 3 is often overlooked….the psychology of performing.

What we think and feel about ourselves, our audience and our performances is the final piece of the puzzle. Mastering this means you that you can capitalise on all your hard work on numbers 1 & 2. Coaches such as Hattie Voelcker from Find Your Voice can teach you how to master the psychology of performing so you can perform with confidence and really connect with your audience.

With thanks to – Hattie Voelcker of Find Your True Voice, Background Music: Lauren Diski

By focusing on these post-performance strategies, you can turn each performance into a valuable learning experience, fostering continuous growth and development and allowing you to perform with greater confidence and enjoyment.