So you have been gigging around your local area, building up your profile and experience….how do you take that next step and play in other parts of the UK and beyond? By meticulously planning each aspect and staying organised, you can organise a successful tour that expands your reach and builds your fan base.

Top Tips for Planning and Booking a Tour

We are huge fans of incredible tour manager Suzy Green who is tour manager for the likes of PJ Harvey, Placebo and Katie Melua and runs the Back Lounge online group sessions for those working in touring. She is a huge advocate for the importance of good nutrition, well-being and good mental health on tour.

If such a level of organisation is not your strongest skill set perhaps you have a friend who wishes to develop themselves as a Tour Manager? Of course this will need to be factored into the budget but is a well-tested route for many in music. You want to be looking for someone who is:
  • very detail oriented especially with scheduling logistics and finances

  • open, communicative and concise

  • calm under extreme pressure

  • professional around talent

  • has leadership abilities

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