Appendix 2 Code of Conduct (Directors, Contractors and Volunteers working with children and young people)  


All directors, contractors and volunteers who engage with young people through The F-List for Music and its activities are to follow the code of conduct outlined in this Appendix.

Following this code will help to protect children from abuse and inappropriate behaviour from adults.  It will also help staff and volunteers to maintain the standard of behaviour expected of them and will reduce the possibility of unfounded allegations of abuse being made against them.

All directors, contractors and volunteers are expected to report any breaches of this code to the DSL under the Safeguarding policy procedures. 

Directors, contractors, and volunteers who breach this code of behaviour may be subject to disciplinary procedures.  Any breach of the code involving someone else from another organisation may result in them being asked to leave.  Serious breaches may also result in a referral being made to a statutory agency such as the police, the local authority children’s social care department and/or the Independent Safeguarding Authority. 


When working with children and young people all directors, contractors and volunteers have a duty of care and are acting in a position of trust.  It is important that staff and volunteers are aware that they may be seen as role models by children and young people and must act in an appropriate manner at all times.

When working with young people it is best practice to

  • Apply this code at all times.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Be an excellent role model to young people by setting a good example.
  • Treat children and young people fairly and without prejudice or discrimination
  • Value and take young people’s contributions seriously, actively involve young people in planning activities wherever possible.
  • Avoid favouritism.
  • Ensure language is always appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory.
  • Always ensure equipment is used safely and for its intended purpose.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour and report all allegations or suspicions of abuse.
  • Respect a young person’s right to personal privacy.
  • Encourage young people and adults to feel comfortable and caring enough to politely point out attitudes or behaviour they do not like.
  • Be aware of how you are coming across to young people and remember that someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well intentioned.
  • Foster an environment which encourages both young people and adults to feel comfortable and confident in challenging attitudes or behaviour which they feel to be discriminatory, abusive or inappropriate in anyway and to deal with these situations in a restorative manner.