Vick Bain

Vick Bain is the former CEO of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and a Henley Business School MBA graduate with over 25 years experience in music and the creative industries
Currently: Founder of The F-List for Music Past President of the Independent Society of Musicians , Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and member of the British Academy of Management and a PhD researcher of women in the music industry at Queen Mary University of London and author of Counting the Music Industry

The twentieth century witnessed a gradual dismantling of the musical patriarchy with increasing numbers of women establishing their careers in the music industry.  However, the statistics demonstrate this is still a male-dominated environment, particularly for musicians.  My qualitative research explores what career pathways exist for women in music and the reasons, from an interdisciplinary feminist sociological viewpoint combining organisational, careers and cultural studies, examining why working in the music industry remains problematic for women leading to a lack of participation and high attrition.