Saskhia Menendez

Saskhia Menendez’s story is one of breaking barriers, fostering inclusion, and championing diversity in the music industry. Celebrated for her innovative contributions as an Innovator at Keychange and a Previous Board Member at The F List Music now Ambassador. With over a decade of experience, Saskhia is a LiVE Diversity Expert Panel Member, passionately advocating for improved representation, equity, and inclusion.

As a multi-racial trans woman who transitioned 14 years ago, Saskhia brings a unique perspective to her advocacy efforts, tirelessly working to reshape the music industry landscape. In addition to her impactful work, Saskhia is a devoted parent of two children and is currently in the process of creating brand-new tracks set for release in 2024. She recently completed her MA in Music Marketing in 2021, building upon a musical education that began at the age of 8. She is also the host for the awesome podcast, Music Industry Insights Worldwide, and voting member for the Brit Awards.