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A brief introduction about myself as a trans woman who has been in music and entertainment from a young age then had two children and transitioned in my 20’s. I have graduated up to MA level in MA in international music marketing and have studied music from GCSE upwards. I have worked in a range of areas from music & events management, promotions, and artist liaison. I recently graduated with an MA in international music marketing at University of Wales Trinity St David. I also do activism for TGEU & Keychange across Europe and South Asia to promote equal and fair treatment of trans individuals. I have seen a real invisibility of trans artists or music professionals which has made me feel isolated and often people are confused on what it means to be transgender in the music industry.

I am a public speaker and have spoken at 10 music industry events in the UK, USA & Europe, these include Liverpool SoundCity, Boudica, TGEU 2022, Temple University, Music Business Association, Fangirl to Music Industry 1 & 2, Tileyard Education, ILMC. I also champion Inclusion and diversity and attended the Music UK Gender Diversity Roundtable event, Privileged Roundtable, Black Pride Podcast, and attend a variety of equality and diversity talks including with IMPALA & Women in CTRL, which I am very passionate about and thoroughly enjoy. I have mentored 2 students from the United States this summer with 04U & Queer Capita, this was helping students from the LGBTIQ community in music and entertainment. I have also been building meaningful relationships in all areas mentioned above. I am also in the process of forming the first commercial trans girl group in the UK.

I made a Podcast earlier this year called Music Industry Insights Worldwide and is on all major platforms. It has 18 episodes so far, from Industry professionals and artists across the world and have 7000 active listeners to date, this covers the barriers and issues people face from all cultural backgrounds and covers 6 Countries so far including the UK, Canada, Africa, Europe, & USA. I am also on the board of directors for The F list and enjoy taking part on furthering research around equality and inclusion.