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Luna Bec is a singer, songwriter, actor and music producer, born in the North of England with Scottish and Irish roots. Her voice is authentic, raw and vulnerable, and her passion for social justice often finds its way into her music. She began making music aged 7 and composed her first film score at 16. A multi-instrumentalist, her music has taken a journey of many turns through jazz, funk, and ancient Georgian folksong.

After a period of multiple losses in her life, she began working on an EP, “Power To Change,” released May 2020. The first single “Over,” is an honest expression of the gifts of grief. The title track “Power To Change,” is a haunting and uplifting call to arms on the theme of the climate crisis, accompanied by its powerful video of youth climate strikers. “Prove Me Wrong” and “Come Over Tonight” expand on the music’s folk origins, bringing flavours of electronic, dance and world music.

Lockdown was a productive time for Luna, and saw her first solo productions emerging – beginning with “Breath,” released 30th October, composed in the aftermath of global anti-racism protests in Spring 2020. A long time activist herself, Luna Bec asks the question, as an artist how can I use my breath in a way that expresses truth, and does not uphold systems that silence and oppress others?